Church Family,
I love being a part of the GracePoint family and the interactions that we have though the week are an extremely important part of our church life.
However we are not going to be able to interact, as we usually do and love to do, for at least a couple of weeks.
Any church gathering that exceeds more than 10 people (including children) will not be meeting for at least the next two weeks.
Our plan for this Sunday is to once again have a prerecorded video service available for you on Sunday morning on the church website. will be where you can find the service on Sunday morning.
This will be as much a normal service as possible but we will not be having music.
So plan to watch the video service that will be available on Sunday morning.
We would encourage you to continue to give financially during this time. 
You can do so by mail (GracePoint 2612 West A St.), dropping off your gift during the week or giving online at the church website (here is the link 
You can direct your online gift to the general fund, Deacon fund or the building fund.
Remember if you give online there is a fee but you have the option to cover the fee as well as your gift amount.
The Deacons would ask that you please consider giving to the Deacon Fund because we believe we will have greater need for assistance over the next few weeks.
During this usually period we will do well to stay in touch with one another and find other ways to continue to connect in the appropriate group sizes.
Lets continue to reach out to one another and check on how others are doing in the days ahead.
The Deacons will be reaching out to several of you – checking to that your needs are being meet.
One more thing – we are praying that God will use us as a church body to impact our neighbors and community in this time of uncertainty. 
Remember to look for times to share the love and truth of God to those around us.
If you know of a need someone has and you need help in meeting it please let us know and we will help as well.
Keep up His good work,
Curtis Tschetter
2612 West A Street
Ogallala NE 69153