GIVING: We encourage you to continue to give financially during this time. You can do so by mail (GracePoint 2612 West A St.), dropping off your gift during the week or giving online at the church website (here is the link You can direct your online gift to the General Fund, Deacon Fund or the Building Fund. Remember if you give online there is a fee but you have the option to cover the fee as well as your gift amount. The Deacons would ask that you please consider giving to the Deacon Fund because we believe we will have greater need for assistance over the next few weeks.


OUR DAILY BREAD EASTER REFLECTIONS is a 15-day devotional in the style of the regular Our Daily Bread. We have 50 copies in English and 10 in Spanish for you to give away as a way to share Christ this Easter season. You can stop by the church and pick them up during the week.

BABY SHOWER changes!

The baby shower for Brianna Kurkowski on March 28th has been canceled. However, just because the shower is canceled does not mean we still can’t shower Brianna from afar!!
We have 3 options for you:
1. If you have already purchased a gift, you can deliver it to Kristin Parish’s house. (825 East M St. – Ogallala). From there we will get all the gifts to Brianna.
2. If you have not already purchased a gift and still plan to, you can have it mailed to Kristin or if ordering on Amazon, it should be an option to mail it directly to Brianna at 1449 Road West 40 – Brule NE 69127).
3. It is also not too late to simply give towards the group gift! If you would like to do this, you can deliver or mail your contribution to Kristin Parish (825 East M St, Ogallala).
*If you are using a book as your card, don’t forget to sign it!
If you are choosing one of the above options, please try to do so by Saturday, March 28th. Feel free to call Amber McCord if you have any questions


MEALS ON WHEELS – The Ogallala Public Schools are providing the lunches but we will continue to deliver the meals. The process is slightly changed: pick up of meals is a Prairie View School at Noon. These are sack lunches and the routes remain divided into east and west. Please sign up by sending an email or call the church with the days you would be able to deliver.


BAPTISM: Anyone interested in being baptized please contact Curtis.